Why Us

We looked at every aspect of how the interior design industry works and brought together four interior design elements into our next generation interior design platform.


We bring designs that give your living spaces an identity matching your lifestyle, this way you never end being in a proverbial square peg in a round hole situation.


We aren’t feng shui experts, but we bring to you the know how to interior design a home that maximises and compliments your living space.


We exercise diligence to ensure importance of function is not lost while blending lifestyle and space into your interior designs. It is those little things that make a difference !


This comes with an efficient interior design that can flexibly conform to changing needs giving you true value

Interior Designs made easy, affordable
and delivered on-demand

How Do You Benefit ?

Floorspace Adaptive Interior Design concept is focussed around making it :

#1 Easy

We not only help you estimate your budget but also make it easy for you to decide by providing a budgetary pricing for interiors that are already designed for your homes

#2 Affordable

When you select a design the pricing is available to you upfront, you can customise by adding or changing accessories that you would like and the pricing is available to you right there. What’s more – You get these without paying anything for design fees which is saving up to 5 times that you would pay just to hire a professional interior designer set aside the execution cost. Besides we help you save on your precious time so you don't have to take time away from your family and friends.

#3 On-Demand

You don't have to spend weeks and months meeting, evaluating, discussing. Floorspace brings to you interior design options that you can simply pick and get executed either on your own if you are a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) person or through your selected interior design professional. Yes, that's right - most of our customers fall in love with the first Floorspace interior design they see.

Do we need to say more ? Well go ahead take a look at how you benefit from Floorspace' Adaptive and On-Demand Interior Design concept.

Choosing the perfect interiors designs for your home décor can be intimidating. We’ll make the process easy and fun!

To learn how to get a Floorspace Interior Design check out "How it Works" or simply contact us and start enjoying the benefits

KLoc Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India.