Designs @ 50/- PSFT

We take this opportunity to thank numerous Floorspace fans for their appreciation of the way we Think, Design and Work.

In response to popular demand from people across cities we launch a new offering to make Floorspace designs even more easy and affordable to many !

Floorspace Design Package

Floorspace interior designs are available for everyone now be it an apartment or a villa. We bring the same level of diligence, elegance and simplicity into the design package customised to your lifestyle and needs ! The Design package comes with add-on kits to suit your specific requirements giving you further more flexibility. So what is stopping you from getting that Floorspace advantage into your designs ?

Floorspace Design Package comprises Interior wood working designs for Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms & more. It includes terrace and balcony designs to make your place even more beautiful !

Design Package Add-ons

Plumbing Modification Detailing


Civil Modification Detailing


Site Detailed Drawings


Electrical Modification Detailing


Color Theme Detailing


Execution Estimates


Limited period launch offer includes Floorspace Design Package plus all Add-on kits  !

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