Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How is Floorspace different from other interior design firms ?

  • Floorspace is India's unique modular kitchens & interiors platform. It is based on adaptive interior design concept  and brings to you three key benefits and this is what differentiates us from others too:
  • a) Easy - Budgets available to you upfront for modular kitchens & other interiors that are already designed for your homes
  • b) Affordable - You save upto 5 times on professional modular kitchen &  interior designs
  • c) On-Demand - You get designs on our portal sitting right in your home and don't spend weeks and months on interior design plans

#2 How does it work ?

  • Getting a professional modular kitchen & interior design with Floorspace is easy, affordable and adaptive. Here are 4 easy steps and you are on your way to start interiors:
  • a) Select your residential project – Floorspace modular kitchen &  interior designs are available for most reputed real estate projects, be it apartments or villas. We are constantly adding many every week so incase you don't find your home interior project featured, simply drop us a note here. You can also find many modular kitchen and interior component designs so you can always pick a design you like.
  • b) Select an Interior Design - Our interior designs for modular kitchens and various other interior components are available across budget ranges, color and material options. For each of the interior design plans specific costs are available upfront to help you decide on the most appropriate plan. Simply select the one that you like !
  • c) Customise your accessories - For every modular kitchen and interior designs there are numerous accessory options available for you to customise. The cost of each is listed and committed to you upfront, so go ahead and customise the design to suit your lifestyle.
  • d) Fix a meeting to start execution - Congrats ! You are one step away to start execution of your selected interior designs. Just take the designs and start working with your selected contractor if you are a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) person or get in touch with us and we shall get you connected to best interior design professionals in your location for your to engage them directly and get going with your project execution.

#3 What locations do you serve ?

We are currently servicing Bangalore for interior designing. Launch in Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai is planned soon. We intend extending to other cities in second phase. Please drop us a note here, if you would like Floorspace to be in your city for your interior design / home designing requirements and we will certainly explore in all earnest.

#4 How does pricing work ?

When you select a modular kitchen or other interior components the pricing is available to you upfront, you can customise by adding or changing accessories that you would like and the pricing is available to you right there. The pricing that you see helps you engage with your own contractor teams if you are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) person or other design professionals. If you would like to customise further remember to take it up as part of the designer consultations with your execution contractor or design professional selected by you and the will help you with the final pricing applicable for the design as finalised by you.

#5 How can I know what my total cost will be for the interior designs ?

The budget for the execution of modular kitchen & interior design work is available to you upfront when you chose a particular interior design set. Your total cost for home interiors therefore is available to you upfront before you start your interior design execution. Remember your costs may vary when you engage with your contractor or interior design professional. But the cost here should be good for you to start planning your budgets and you can always factor in some based on your finish and theme preferences.

#6 How long does it take to get a final interior design ?

Floorspace' on-demand platform brings to you adequate modular kitchen & interior design options to pick from even as you browse through our portal. Most of our customers fall in love with first floorspace modular kitchen & other interior designs they see. When you engage your selected interior design professional, he or she doesnt have to start from scratch and your meeting with her/him become more focussed.

#7 Do I have the option to choose Floorspace interior designs for a few rooms only ?

We have already made it easy for you, so you just select the ones that you like and pick only those.

#8 Can I cancel the project in between ?

As Floorspace is not engaged in execution services, we suggest to have a clear understanding on this with your interiors contractor or your selected Interior design professional so you can avoid issues in your project down the line.

#9 Can you refund interior design fees after I have bought a Floorspace interior design but not started execution?

Interior Design services are intangible in nature so we do not offer refunds once you buy any of our interior designs services. Your happiness is our utmost priority, so we will try our earnest to help you with your concerns.

#10 Can I buy Floorspace Interior design and execute it through a contractor of my own?

Well you can see we have made many design available on our portal so if that suits your requirement you are free to take them as it is availabe on our portal and engage with your interior design execution team or your interiors contractor. We would love though that you give us a high five, we would be thrilled that our portal made your life easy.

#11 Can I bring my own interior design and execute it through you ?

We are sorry we don't undertake executions at this point and so would not be able to support directly. However, we get you connected to some of the interior design professionals in your location for you to evaluate them and see if you find something who meets your requirements

#12 What if I like a Floorspace interior design but may want to make some interior design changes ?

Most of our customers fall in love with first floorspace modular kitchen & other interior design they see. However we understand you may want to bring in some minor changes to suite some aspect of your specific lifestyle. We address this as part of the design review meetings and recommend that you discuss these changes during these designer consultations. Please note the interior design execution budget would change according to the modified scope and the final pricing will be stated in your execution contract.

#13 Can I know about people behind these beautiful interior design ideas ?

We are a team of trained professionals who have been passionate about making it easy for you. We value creativity and diligence which you will see reflecting in the designs. 

#14 Can you tell us about the material used ?

Cabinets, shutters and other components are made of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or PLY (Plywood). The material for each design and component is mentioned in the Design Details page and should you have specific preferences on certain materials you can certainly discuss them during the designer consultation meetings. There are many finishes available and make sure you understand those when you talk to your selected designers

#15 Do you provide electrical, plumbing or civil work as well ?

The pricing that you see doesn’t include such work.These services can be provided at an add-on cost and we suggest to discuss during the designer consultation meetings with your selected interior design professional or your interiors contractor

#16 Our builder has not yet handed over the project for interiors, what do you think is the right time ?

We suggest to plan your timelines keeping in mind your move-in date. Working backwards from that date helps you evaluate options on doing certain activities in parallel so you can make the most of the time you have. You will find that designer consultations with your selected interior design professional or interiors contractor helpful in learning how to crash the timelines !

#17 How do I know what accessories are included in my design ?

Check out the tab that says “Accessories Included”

#18 Is chimney and hob included in the price?

Electrodomestics like these are not included in the price unless you see them as part of the accessories included. To make sure, just check the tab that says “Accessories Included” Please note these pricing are indicative as the same varies quite frequently based on trade promotions and offers by the respective manufacturers, we always suggest to check out with them and confirm once you start to engage your interior design professional.

#19 Is Dado tiling and counter top included in the pricing ?

Well, no it is not part of the pricing that you see on our website but you may want to discuss this during the designer consultation with your selected design professional or your interiors contractor and they would be happy to help you

#20 What hardware brands are there ?

The hardware brands for all key components are as mentioned on the product page. You can also see the brands for accessories on the accessories tab

#21 How much time does it take to complete the interiors ?

The time would of course depend on the scope you finally decide with your execution contractor or interior design professional and his work scheduling, however for planning purposes we suggest to factor 8-12 weeks. The schedule for your work would be confirmed with your selected interior design professional or your selected interiors contractor once you have finalised the scope of your modular kitchens & other interiors with them

#22 I am not sure what material I should be using, can you help ?

There are a large number of factors that go into making those choices, we recommend to setup a free designer consultation. Our designers would be happy to help you make the right decisions

#23 I am looking at turnkey execution of interiors in addition to what you have here, do you takeup such work ?

Sorry, Floorspace is not providing execution services. We recommend to discuss with your interior design professional or the selected interiors contractor about the same. However you can certain explore for design ideas by by selecting what you like here You could also take a look at some other work here

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